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Dry Needling and Its Benefits

For those who want to alleviate muscle pains are now trying therapeutic treatments like dry needling no wonder it has become more popular than ever. In one’s body there are trigger points that are used in treating various medical conditions, in line with this the filiform needles are used on this points for medication. If you happen to experience any of these conditions: tennis elbow, headache, muscle spasms, myofascial pain and nerve pain then you can go for dry needling treatment.

Most of the time people mistakenly thought of acupuncture as the same with dry needling however these two are actually different when it comes to their function and even the practices used. Acupuncture is more on a traditional method originated somewhere in Asia while dry needling is more in the western part of the world.

You call it dry because no chemicals or medications are inserted in the needles. If there is a chemicals or involved then hypodermic needles are used oftentimes the chemicals embedded in it include anesthesia or saline. For dry needling it is purely through trigger points which is proven effective in treating certain ailments. In this kind of treatment keep in mind that the needles used in acupuncture is also possible.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

When you talk about dry needling it simply includes the use of fine needles in different trigger points in the body without any chemicals. The trigger points are found in different parts of the muscles and whenever these points are pierced the body produces a specific reaction. The primary reason why pain dissipates is the fact that once the tensed muscles are pierced it somehow regulates the tension. If there is a right pressure applied on those pressure points then you can be assured that the muscles will be relaxed.

What Makes Dry Needling Different From Acupuncture

One must remember that the practices in acupuncture is very much different from dry needling although both are using the same types of needles. In acupuncture, there is what you call the flow of chi or energy in different channels found in one’s body, what the specialist do is follow the ancient throes of Chinese acupuncture. If the flow of energy is regulated then the person’s body will be back to its original state.

In dry needling the bases is more on scientific researches and practices in pathophysiology. The needles are not really inserted anywhere, they are place on one’s ligaments, muscles to trigger responses in one’s body. Once the muscle tensions is released then pain will slowly dissipates in that area. It is of great importance on your part to choose the right needling experts that is why in doing so you have to pick the most qualified among others like the Brisbane dry needling experts.

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