The Brief History of Bandung Indonesia

Bandung city is among the developed cities in Indonesia. The advance of the development in Bandung city not only supported by good infrastructure, but additionally from the area of education, tourism, and also the area of fashion. For many of both local and international tourists, Bandung is an attractive place that ought to be the list of places to visit. Nevertheless, Bandung did not instantly develop till might be as beautiful as today. Behind the magnificent city, Bandung grows up through a beautiful dreadful history. Here’s the history of Bandung you need to see.

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The Origin of the word Bandung. The word Bandung, comes from the word bendung or dam since the Citarum river covered by lava of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Then it formed a lake. The legend told by the old people in Bandung, said that the name Bandung, taken from a water car consisting of two ships which were tied side by side called the Bandung Boat utilized from the Regent Bandung, R.A. Wiranatakusumah II. It had been utilized to sail Ci Tarum in search of a new neighborhood to replace the old capital of Dayeuhkolot. Bandung throughout the Dutch Colonialism. Initially Bandung regency capitalized in Krapyak which is situated about 11 kilometers to the south from the middle of Bandung now.

When the district of Bandung was led by the sixth bupati, RA Wiranatakusumah II who known as Dalem Kaum I, the power of Indonesia was moved to the Dutch authorities, with the first overall governor was Herman Willem Daendels. To easily carry out its responsibilities in Jave, Daendels built a post road from Anyer from West Java to Panarukan from Easst Java. The construction of the highway was carried out from the regional people of Indonesian under the leadership of their individual district heads. Movement in the capital of Bandung district capital. For the ease of the road construction, Daendels through letter dated on May 25, 1810, asked the Regent of Bandung and the Regent of Parakanmuncang to move the district capitals, correspondingly to Cikapundung and Andawadak, coming Jalan Raya Pos.

Seemingly Daendels did not know that long prior to the letter came out, the regent of Bandung had planned to move the metropolitan area of Bandung. He’d found a good enough and strategic place for the central government. The preferred place is an empty area of forest, situated on the western edge of the Cikapundung River, the southern edge of Jalan Raya Pos being constructed. The reason behind the removal of capital is an untenable Krapyak as the capital of the government, because it’s located on the southern side of Bandung region and frequently hit by floods when rainy season.