Happier Vacation Experiences Are Found at a Welk Timeshare

The average timeshare owner takes at least two vacations a year. Americans without timeshares average only one. The reason for this may be how affordable and simple timeshares are when compared to finding, reserving and paying for hotel rooms for every stay away from home. Here are some additional reasons why this type of vacation retreat is preferable to hotel rooms.

Better Maintenance Standards

Timeshares have a group of interested investors that visit the property regularly. This ensures that the owners and management spend a lot of time ensuring that every visit is perfect. Maintenance in the private apartments, common areas and the grounds are a priority for these companies who know their reputation is always at stake.

Greater Service Level

A luxury timeshare located in a private resort has the advantage of offering amenities and services that a single hotel cannot offer due to lack of space, funding or interest. The resorts operate as a small, private community with all of the staff members trained to provide the ultimate customer service. They must offer more since the average guest remains at a timeshare for a week or longer rather than just a couple of days like they would at a hotel.

Larger Private Areas

Hotel rooms, even suites, have a limited amount of space. They are generally acceptable for short periods of time for a couple or small family. Larger groups or longer stays are less pleasant as people begin to resent the intrusion on their personal space. A timeshare resort allows the family to spread out as they would at home. The resort also provides them with plenty of activities outside of the apartment if they need a little private time.

The time and effort involved in designing resorts like those available through a Welk Timeshare prove how important it is to the company for their guests to have an exquisite experience every time they stay. Very few hotel guests have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury that these accommodations have to offer. Take a virtual tour, visit a resort and learn why timeshares have an 80 percent occupancy rate versus a 54 percent occupancy rate at U.S. hotels.